MYST™ Toothbrush Review – Is This New Revolutionary Toothbrush Worth It?

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AwesomeJelly tested the revolutionary new toothbrush that cleans teeth in just 30-seconds! And here is what we found during our MYST™ Toothbrush review!

Brush your teeth simultaneously in just 30-seconds? That is what MYST™ claims their product will do…but is it true?

MYST™ Toothbrush was created and designed by actual dentists, so that was incredibly intriguing when we first decided to test out this product. MYST™ uses a technology called XRT™, or Expansion Radius Technology™ which is supposed to clean all of your teeth, simultaneously in just 30-seconds, that includes the gum line too!

So does it actually do that?

Amazingly…the answer is YES! After five of our staff members used MYST™ for the last two weeks, they all stated that their time spent on brushing was drastically cut down and their mouths were left feeling clean and fresh after each use!

Changing the way you brush your teeth — forever!

Now that we determined that MYST™ does in fact clean all of your teeth in just 30-seconds time, what else can it do? Well, for starters, MYST™ does seem to live up the claim that it provides a ‘full dental grade cleaning from home’. Two of our five staff members who tested MYST™, stated that in addition to their mouths feeling cleaner than when brushing with an old toothbrush, they noticed that plaque build up was gone too!

So thus far, we can say that it will clean your teeth in just 30-seconds…and clean them well! Check!

How Does It Work?

The design is really super cool! MYST™ comes with its own USB charging dock, which charges really fast and holds a charge for quite a while too! When you are done brushing, simply set the toothbrush onto the docking station and it will begin to charge!

The bristles on the toothbrush head are made from antimicrobial silicone, and the mouthpiece fits perfectly into your mouth. All five testers said that it fit perfectly and they felt that it was made for them specifically.

The Myst Toothbrush works similar to a conventional electric toothbrush, using various vibration speeds to clean the teeth and gums. It is the only product on the market that uses silicone bristles, which are fine enough to pass between the teeth, and gentle enough to clean the gum line, brushing thoroughly and removing plaque.


Our product test!

What we found during our MYST™ toothbrush review!

MYST™ Toothbrush is placed in the mouth much like a mouth guard would. First, we charged the MYST™, then when we were ready to use it, we placed a few dabs of our favorite toothpaste on the silicone bristles, gave it a tiny rinse under some cold water and placed it into our mouth’s. Then, we simply hit the power button on the toothbrush and chose one of MYST™’s three speed settings that we liked best.

After 30-seconds our teeth were clean and we simply rinsed the toothbrush under some water and placed it back on the charging dock! It was that easy!

So why is it so effective?

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth three times a day for about three minutes to protect against cavities and other gum problems. But for some, it seems to be too much. Now, you can brush twice a day, and only spend a total of a minute doing so! Oh, and you will receive a full dental grade cleaning each time!

With the mouthpiece fitting perfectly over each tooth and gum line, the silicone bristles are able to massage, clean and reach between each tooth to ensure that all surfaces of the mouth are cleaned at the exact same time!


Where can you buy MYST™?

The complete Myst Toothbrush device is for sale on the brand’s website, priced at $198 USD, but there is currently a 50% off introductory offer. So right now you can grab one MYST™ for just $99, however, if you purchase more than one…the discounts are even greater!

There has been such high demand for the MYST™, that the company has actually had to move to a 24-hour a day production operation! So that says something right there! We purchased five for our test and was only $295 for all five of the, with free shipping!


We should mention that during our testing process, we did find that there is a FAKE website selling a knock off version of the real MYST™ toothbrush. We will not show you the FAKE website so you don’t get confused should you decided to order. HOWEVER…below is all four of the REAL MYST™ websites where you can order the real deal!

A MYST™ Toothbrush review!