Mystery Man Helps Save Family From Drowning In Strong Riptide Using Selfie Stick (FULL VIDEO)

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A harrowing rescue on Nantucket was caught on camera.

Derrick Johns, a former marine, was pulled under with his wife and daughter Erynn, who was holding the selfie stick, reports ABC. Their struggles underwater are captured on video. (Full 7 Minute Video from Derrick Johns is below)

For two minutes, they were tossed and pulled, struggling to keep their heads about water.

“I did a few tours overseas with the Marines and I never felt that kind of fatigue or fear,” Johns said in an interview with an ABC affiliate in Boston.

Erynn John was helped out of the water by her mother and lifeguards. A mystery man, seen in the GoPro video wearing an orange bathing suit, ran back into the water to save Derrick Johns.

“The guy got back in the water and came out and I literally had nothing left from a physical standpoint,” he said. “If he didn’t get to me, I had about 30 seconds left.”

At the 2 minute mark is when this video turns from fun, to very scary. 

(via – Youtube)

Remember to be safe this summer while swimming in the ocean. The ocean is a powerful place to be. 

If you are ever caught in a riptide, experts say to never try and fight the current, you will not win that battle. Ride the current out to sea, once everything calms down, swim parallel to the beach, out of the riptide pathway. Once you are a safe distance away from the strong current, start swimming towards shore, riding as many waves as possible.