Nail Polish In A Spray Can Will Revolutionize The Way You Paint Your Nails

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London based Nails Inc. has created a product called ‘Paint Can’, claiming it will deliver a perfect manicure every time, without the mess.

To use the product, you simply spray your nails for roughly 20 seconds, wait for your nails to dry, wash your hands with soap and water and you are left with perfectly colored nails.

The secret blend formulating the nail polish is designed to stick to the nails but not your skin. Brilliant!

What do you think? Is this easier than painting your nails the ‘old fashion’ way? If the product really washes off as nicely as it does in the video, I’d say there is a good chance that this product with most certainly become a favorite by many.

Painting nails is time consuming and lets face it…we are busy people. Going to get your nails done can be super pricey…so…why not whip out the old spray can and make a little magic happen!

Check it out in action below.


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