13-Year-Old Kid Is Blown Away When He Meets The Woman Who Voices ‘Bart Simpson’

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Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson on “The Simpsons,” gave an eighth-grader selling candy bars for school, a jaw-dropping surprise during his sales pitch.

Nancy Cartwright Bart Simpson Surprise

After asking his age (13), Cartwright introduces herself as a 10-year-old who goes to Springfield Elementary.

“I’m Bart Simpson, put ‘er there man.”

“That’s a really good impression,” the boy says…….AND….then it clicks. 

The boy has the absolute best reaction to realizes who is speaking to. Cartwright proceeds to buy a ton of candy bars from the kid. 

Nancy Cartwright Bart Simpson Surprise

Nancy Cartwright aka Bart Simpson

Before driving out of the parking lot, Cartwright circles back around and give the young boy an autograph…proof that he met the one and only…Bart Simpson!

WATCH his reaction below:


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