‘Natty Light’ Comes Out With Boozy Frozen Fruit Pops Just In Time For Summer

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Summer time is quickly approaching and there is nothing better than enjoying a nice cold adult ‘beverage’ outside, under the sun! The beer company Natural Light knows this and with that valuable information, they have created some tasty, boozy, frozen pops for your enjoyment!

Each pop is packed with 8% alcohol by volume! These adults-only ice treats will be sold in stores nationwide, and they’ve got two different flavors: Naturdays strawberry lemonade and Naturdays pineapple lemonade. As Simplemost reports, both types will come in a 12-count variety pack.

In order to help get the word out about the new icicles, Natural Light is on the lookout for an intern to not only manage a traveling lemonade shack but also create content for the company’s social media.

They shared the following post on Twitter:

If this sounds like the perfect summer job for you, they you need to apply before May 2. In order to apply, you need to create a 30-second “sales pitch” and post it to social media using the two hashtags #NattyIntern and #Contest. The lucky person who is picked as an intern will be in charge of not just publishing content on social media, but also scouting summer locations for the brand’s Lemonade Shack as well as promoting its arrival at local stores.