Never Before Seen Photos That Rocked Woodstock

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In the current state of the world, we dare ask: what is the new normal? Oh, to be free again! To enjoy freedom is a lifestyle that would have to pause for now. However, it should not hinder us to reminisce the glory days of the cultural phenomenon that is Woodstock.
Images of peace, love and hippies – aside from pouring of public fornications, acid trips and skinny dipping – have abetted Woodstock to remain as a music legacy almost 51 years after Jimi Hendrix and The Who and Janis Joplin played at the iconic three-day concert. It was described as a “cultural and pharmaceutical event” by the late Sen. John McCain wherein an estimated 400,000 people showed up for the festival on a hay field in Bethel, about 70 miles south of the village of Woodstock, from August 15-17, 1969.
Read on: Click on the most stunning pictures that show how crazy Woodstock was which shaped the image of the so-called “Woodstock Generation.” These Woodstock images show how sex, drugs and rock & roll generation exploded in the 60’s concert scene.