Never Throw Away Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans With This Brilliant Jean Resizing Hack

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We had no clue that these even existed.

If you lost a little weight and now your favorite jeans don’t fit right anymore, there is a way to fix that!

A few TikTokers have found a solution that doesn’t involve buying another pair of jeans. It just involves buying another button.

TikTok user @cicid0724 demonstrated how she resizes any jeans that are too big using a button replacement she buys on Amazon.


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“You just pin it where you want it and you button your pants so then it fits tighter and looks better,” @cicid0724 explained while exhibiting how the button works.

People were amazed by how much better the jeans looked with the addition of the second button.

“Oh this just saved me,” one person said. “THANK YOU!”

“Today years old when I found out these exist,” another added. “Buying now.”