New Hampshire Tattoo Studio Offers Free Donald Trump Tattoos

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trump tattoo1

The owner of a tattoo studio in New Hampshire is taking his support for Donald Trump to a new level.

Bob Holmes at the Clay Dragon Tattoo studio in Seabrook is offering free Donald Trump ink to anyone who wants it.

He says it started as an off-the-cuff remark and then took off.

Holmes says he’s done about 24 Trump tattoos so far, ranging from Donald Trump’s face to his slogan “Make America Great Again.”

trump tattoo2

He says the calls keep coming in. “Here’s a guy that just called. He’s two and a half hours away. He wants to come up for a tattoo, I’ve had emails on my Facebook from people in California that wish they were closer, people from Florida coming up at the end of the month, and they want to get tattooed,” Holmes said.

Holmes says he also plans to donate a percentage of the tips from the tattoos to the Wounded Warrior Project.


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