Neighbors Don’t Really Care For New Jersey Man’s Risqué Easter Display

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The bunnies are back in town!

A New Jersey dentist has resurrected his display of female mannequins in sultry clothing and rabbit ears ahead of Easter Sunday. To bring the display up to the current times, the man has added must-have face masks to the bunny babes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Wayne Gangi isn’t messing around this year in regards to his controversial display, installing caution tape and “no trespassing” signage around the display on the lawn of his Clifton dental office. With safety in numbers, the dentist has also doubled the number of feisty figures, the New York Post reports.

Last year, the display caused quite a bit of commotion in the town, causing a neighbor to destroy the ‘disgusting’ display with garden sheers. The damage was estimated to be around $500 to $1,000 and caused Gangi to get a restraining order against the angry neighbor.

While some have condemned the dummy display as sacrilegious, Gangi alleges that the Playboy Bunny-inspired presentation is “only a spoof,” one that never intended to “attack Easter.” The dentist also goes-all out with outdoor décor at his office for holidays like Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day — though vandals have also attempted to damage those displays, too, he said.

Through all the darkness caused by the COVID-19 virus, Gangi simply hopes to make people laugh with his display.

“Because I was getting such positive feedback from so many people who look forward to seeing something goofy and stupid, it was a reinforcement to do it again,” Gangi said.

“You see something stupid on the lawn. It’s meant to make you laugh and forget your troubles. That’s all it was meant ever to do.”