New Phone Device Allows Users To Transmit Kisses Live Via Video Chat

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Being away from your loved ones is hard. Sometime you just want to share a gentle smooch, but distance hinders that. Well, now there is a high tech option that will allow you to just that…smooch from afar! 

Enter the Kissenger, a new smartphone peripheral that allows anyone to send a smooch live via video chat. The name is derived from ‘kiss’ and ‘messenger’. 

The device is simple. It’s a little larger than a protective case and has an oval silicon “lip” at the bottom. High precision force sensors register a user’s lip movements and miniature linear actuators replicate those movements on the device of the person being kissed.

Emma Yann Zhang, the creator of the device, presented it at this week’s Love and Sex with Robots conference. She believes that humans will inevitably become more intimate with A.I. or robots and that the ability to share a kiss could be an important factor in that bond.

Kissinger is Zhang’s PhD project and she plans to continue with her research at the City University London lab of Adrian Cheok. As we all know, technology moves fast, so it is very possible these could be available for consumer use quite soon!

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