New Website Maps Out What McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Are Down Throughout The U.S.

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Now you can know before you go!

It has probably happened to you at one point in your life. You head to McDonald’s, craving ice cream or a shake and find that the ice cream machine is broken down. It happens often, so often, that one person decided to create an entire website that tracks broken McDonald’s ice cream machines throughout the United States.

The website is cleverly called ‘‘ and it’s quite spiffy!

24-year-old named  Rashiq Zahid put together a website that has a map of about 10,000 different McDonalds across the US.

“I just created this as a joke, because it’s been common knowledge that the machine breaks all the time,” Zahid told CNN. “So initially I just wanted to just know for myself, verify if it’s just my impression or it’s really the case?”

You can find the map right here and check the status of your local McDonald’s ice cream machine here.