Newlywed Takes Funny Photos On Honeymoon Without Her Husband

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Huma Mobin and her newlywed husband Arsalaan Sever had planned an awesome honeymoon overseas to Greece. However, Sever did not get his travel visa in time for their pre-planned honeymoon trip. This put Huma in a tough spot!

Instead of losing out on the money they had spent, Mobin took her new in-laws on the trip abroad instead.

Arsalaan’s presence was definitely missed, and Huma did her best to make sure there was a place for him each step of the way.


She took hilarious photos at all of the iconic spots, sticking out an arm that she would have normally been putting around his shoulder.


The overly sad expression on her face makes it clear that she is missing her new husband, despite being in a beautiful setting and having fun abroad.


To make matters worse, Huma lost her phone on the trip as well. Not only was she missing her husband, but now her technology was gone too.


Rather than letting it get to her, Huma decided to be a good sport and laugh it all off. She began sticking out her other hand to mimic where her phone would be.


The resulting photo set is quite hilarious, and we’re sure that the happy couple will take a trip in the future to make up for their missed honeymoon.


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