Nicki Minaj Spends An Entire Night Paying Off Her Fans College Student Loans On Twitter

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There is no denying that Nicki Minaj has quite a bit of money kicking around in her bank account, much more than most all of her fans. Nicki understands that and she knows the struggle that is life, as she had her own financial struggles prior to her fame and fortune. 

In a recent Twitter post, Nicki offered to pay her fans students loans as long as they could prove good grades and the school could confirm it. 

As the day/night progressed, Nicki paid off loan after loan after loan…spending thousands upon thousands to do so.

Saturday night the rapper was telling her fans that she would pay international airfare for contest winners

When one fan asked if she would pay for his college tuition, and then it all started…


…And the request just kept rolling in!

…And Nicki kept on agreeing to pay up!

Talk about an awesome gesture and great way to pay your fans back for their loyalty!

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