Nicolas Cage Look-Alike Brings Judges To The Dance Floor With Cover Of ‘Wicked Game’

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nicolas cage look alike

Back in 2015, a young Nicolas Cage look-a-like by the name of Andrey Pantyukh caused quite a stir at the judges’ panel with his moving and soulful rendition of American rock musician Chris Isaak’s ballad, “Wicked Game.” One judge, in particular, was especially excited.

Tina Karol, the sole woman on the four-judge “Voice of Ukraine” panel, was completely transfixed by Andrey’s voice and overall performance.
Karol hit her buzzer just moments into Andrey’s performance and then sat on the edge of her seat in awe. After another judge pressed his buzzer, he and Karol made their way to the stage and shared a dance during the last half of Andrey’s performance. 

Now lets really take note at just how much this guy looks like famous actor, Nicolas Cage! 
People have views the performance millions of times since it aired a few years ago! Can’t believe I have never seen it before! It is totally worth a share!