Liquid Nitrogen And Coca Cola Experiment Goes Wrong On Live TV

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nitrogen coca cola experiment

An Australian TV host was nearly killed on live TV after an exploding Coca Cola bottle nearly took off her head.

While the cameras rolled, two TV hosts were aiding an amateur scientist who was playing around with liquid nitrogen and Coca Cola. When liquid nitrogen is mixed with Coca Cola, intense pressure builds up quickly and the soda bottle takes off like a mini rocket. That is exactly what happened in the video below, however, the TV host’s head was nearly in the flying bottles path.

The mad scientist had the TV host hold the bottle of Coke while he poured in the nitrogen. Once he poured it in, he advised the host to tip the soda bottle upside down really fast, which she nervously did. The bottle took off like a bullet, grazed her head and shot in the air with so much force that it chopped down a small tree limb from the tree above.