You Won’t Believe How Fast This Guy Spins In His ‘Nitrous’ Office Chair!

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This video made me sick just watching it! I have never been one for spinning and I avoid those types of rides at theme parks, like the plague.

In this video…FarmtruckandAZN attach two massive Nitrous Oxide tanks to an office chair….this was done for their Discovery TV show. They had their buddy ‘Asian’ strap himself into the chair and then they let the Nitrous tank rip!

The group calls their experiement a ‘Homemade Redneck Centrifuge’….and that is pretty much what it was.

‘Asian’ was sent into a potentially deadly spin. With the inertia involved, his speed would equate to roughly 300 miles per hour! Yikes! It is a good thing he was strapped in!

Check it out below!


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