No More Mr. Nice Guy: Toughie Messes with the Wrong Person on the Street, Regrets It Big Time

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Everybody loves an underdog, and when a story of an unassuming, regular- looking joe standing up to face insurmountable odds pops up, people are likely to root for him, inwardly cheering him on and wishing him the sweetest victory. Every day, we go through many challenges, some of them small, some of them daunting, and it is because of this that we see ourselves in their shoes, celebrating their triumph and savoring it as if it were our very own.

Many stories of the weak winning against the strong oppressor have been told ever since the beginning of time. These tales give hope to the hopeless and inspire those who face difficult times to rise against the seemingly impossible.

Source: Facebook

Seeing somebody win their battles, especially if things aren’t exactly in their favor, makes people feel good and this can be very contagious!

Lucky for us, people find creative and entertaining ways to get stories like these across to people on the street, just like what happens in a viral video posted on the Cobra Kai Facebook page where a tough biker is seen bullying a smaller and unremarkable looking guy, leading to something quite unexpected.

Watch the video below!

Karate Prank NYC

What the…?!? This Karate prank is ridiculously awesome. ? #CobraKai

Posted by Cobra Kai on Monday, April 30, 2018


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Source: Cobra Kai

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