This Portable Hot Tub Heated By Camp Fire Or Propane Is A Must Have While Camping!

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No matter how cold the lake is, a warm and toasty dip is never far away when you have this collapsible hot tub in tow!

This 225-gallon portable ‘Nomad‘ hot tub measures 60″ wide and is perfect for one, or a few friends! 

The tub weighs only 20lbs, so moving this bad boy around isn’t an issue at all! 

For remote ‘soaking’, the company recommends using a Honda WX10 portable water pump that is capable of filling the Nomad tub in 10 minutes.

The tub is constructed with 18-ounce vinyl walls and a 24-ounce floor. 

The tub itself sells for $$415, but the heater coil unit is not included. It can be purchased separately for $455


The heater coil unit is pretty freaking awesome! You can literally build a camp fire right inside of the coil and that will send some hot energy to the tub water, allowing you soak and relax in super warm water! 

There is also an adapter available that will allow you to hook up a propane tank! 

You can check it all out HERE! For under a grand…this is a pretty sweet unit! Even if you just want to set it up in the backyard!


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