PICS | Nor’easter Dumps A Big Load Of The White Stuff All Over Maine!

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We certainly got pummeled didn’t we? This is the kind of snow we used to get, you know, back in the day before all this global warming jazz. 

The National Weather Service says it received multiple reports of snow falling at a rate of 6 inches per hour Thursday night…now that’s a lot of snow! 

The storm has left over 100,000 Maine residents and businesses without power this Friday morning.

Some of the big snow totals included 27 inches in Standish and Naples, 25 inches in Parsonfield, and 22.7 inches in Hollis.

Here are a few pics from around the state…share a picture of the snowfall in your area with us in the Facebook comments!

Remember to stay safe while trying to move all of this snow and always help your neighbor! 



Little Sebago (Jon Davis Sr.)

Sanford (Steve St. Pierre)

Shapleigh (Eileen Bagdanovich)

Steep falls (Ian Czerw)

Cumberland (Dan Seaver)


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