Norton Security Antivirus In 2020 Is A Great Deal!

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Norton Antivirus is rightly thought to be one of the top modern antivirus software. Some may remember the bad days when the company faced some issues with its reputation several years ago. Specifically, Norton had problems with security quality and, as a result, dozens of customer complaints. The truth is that it was a tough time for many antivirus companies. Nevertheless, Norton managed to overcome its worse period and regain the leading positions on the market.

Norton Security Protection

Is Norton a good antivirus? If you still hesitate whether to use this program or not, you should consider some steps the company made recently. First of all, Norton analyzed all the criticism and fixed the bugs. Secondly, the company revised the team structure and reorganized the processes. Finally, the customer claims helped the company to become more customer-oriented. Now that you know how Norton became great again, you should learn more about its security features, pricing, and plans.

Security & Malware in General

Norton antivirus is powerful protection for your system. Talking about the security layers, there are three of them. One of the safety options is the one called signature matching. The latter feature means that your specific software will be matched to a suitable malware package from the available database. Besides, the program includes a heuristic analysis that monitors software behavior. This analysis will help you to detect any suspicious or unknown malware and avoid the damage.

Frequently, users tend to choose an antivirus because of their hobby – gaming. If you are one of those who likes to spend time playing some new game, you would like to make sure that it is safe and nothing can infect your device. In the case of Norton, there is no game mode. Yet, you can always use a Silent Mode so that there will be a minimum amount of the annoying notifications or updates during the game.

Ransomware Protection

The good news for you is that every version of Norton offers ransomware protection. The option is brilliant for those who prefer to make online purchases. Having reliable ransomware protection, you will not have to worry about stealing the credit card details. Additionally, the option encrypts all the sensitive data on your computer.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Phishing detection is also available in each of the Norton versions. Hackers are exquisite in ways they can attack you. Phishing emails aim at infecting the system. Here it is how it works: you receive a phishing email with a malicious link in it. As soon as you click on such a link, your system is compromised. Norton anti-phishing option ensures the safety of devices in terms of this kind of cyber attack.

Consumer Reports

Value for Money

Here are the plans Norton can offer the users. As you can see, you have an opportunity to try out a free version first. Look at the prices in the table below:

Free trial +
Norton AntiVirus Basic $29.99/first year
Norton Security Standard $39.99/first year
Norton Security Deluxe $49.99/first year
Norton Security Premium $54.99/first year

Now let us look closer at each of the packages.

Norton Security Basic

A basic plan of the program price is $29.99 for the first year. As you purchase the plan, you receive an antivirus for one device and such security features as anti-spyware, anti-ransomware, and anti-malware. Besides, Norton Basic offers several tools to ensure your financial and personal information. Customer Support is available.

Norton Security Standard 

The price for the standard version accounts for $39.99 per the first year. A standard package includes all the features that are available in the basic plan and some more. Specifically, you can use the package with one computer, one Mac, and also one mobile device. A standard plan also includes a smart firewall. What makes this package a better version is that Customer Support is accessible, and a guarantee (virus-free) is included.

Norton Security Deluxe

The Deluxe package is even better than a standard one! The price is $49.99 for the first year. Naturally, all the Standard features are available in this version. Note that this plan works well with up to five different devices, including Macs and mobile devices. Finally, you will appreciate the Web Portal explicitly designed for protection management. Thus, you can control all the processes your antivirus performs.

Norton Security Premium 

A Premium version costs $54.99 per the first year. Traditionally, this package offers the same features that the Deluxe plan does. Moreover, the number of devices is also higher – up to ten devices – personal computers, Macs, and also mobile devices. The package provides a variety of top-notch protection features, safe cloud storage (25 GB), and even automatic backups.

Support / Service for Norton Security 2020

Considering the past experiences and mistakes, Norton upgraded the processes in the company. The Customer Support team is not an exception! First of all, keep in mind that every version of the Norton Security software offers assistance from the Customer Support team. The users always want to get an answer quickly with no delays, and Norton takes this into account. You can contact the support manager by phone immediately. For those of you who like to solve the puzzles, there is an opportunity to use a FAQ section. With this section, you can quickly resolve any issue by yourself. Sure, the better the package you choose, the better service you get. Nonetheless, in any case, you get some help from the Norton team.


A user interface is one of the things that underwent significant revision several years ago. For that reason, you will evaluate how easy it is to work with the program. The layout is comprehensive, and you will not have a problem while searching for some buttons. A user-friendly experience is one of the advantages of the Norton Security antivirus.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Norton security is an example of how a company can win the situation, making the right decisions. Besides, antivirus software works for people. Thus, customer satisfaction is a great deal. Thanks to the customer comments (even though negative ones), the company managed to regain its well-deserved place among the top antiviruses. The software offers four different plans and a free-trial version together with a set of worthy protection features. Considering the sturdiness of Norton’s owners, it seems that the company will work even harder within the next years.