Nudist Photobombs A Girl’s Senior Pictures And The Internet Erupts

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Oregon teen Jillian Henry decided on the Willamette River as the backdrop for her senior pictures. I don’t think she planned on a naked guy and his dog being a part of the photo shoot, though.

Of course, Oregon is famously liberal, so maybe this kind of thing happens all the time. Naked Guy certainly looks comfortable.

Either way, Jillian has her au naturel friend to thank for making her senior pictures the talk of the entire internet. Shout out to cropping, but even bigger shout out to Jillian for sharing the unedited versions.

This is Jillian. She’s just a regular girl, trying to take some nice senior pics


Enter, stage left: A local skinny dipper


His collared Golden Retriever has more on than he does!


That solves the “natural looking planned candid shot” issue


Jillian has quite the sense of humor!

jillian5 As do her followers!


Even ‘Naked Guy’ is getting a following!



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