Here Is What Really Goes Into A Jar Of Nutella

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Nutella is one of those products that people either love, or can’t stand. Nutella is often times marketed as a ‘healthy’ breakfast spread…but have you ever looked at the ingredients?

Nutella Ingredients

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There is a photo going around that originated on Reddit that shows exactly what goes into the ‘healthy’ breakfast treat…and it’s not that ‘healthy’!


Cocoa and hazelnuts are two of the smallest ingredients when it comes to total volume.

Sugar makes up over half of the volume of the jar. In a 15g serving of Nutella, there are 8.5g of sugar!


Eco Watch


Palm oil is used to make the spread…more ‘spreadable’. There are some health benefits to palm oil, but like many foods…there have been some links to palm oil causing certain types of cancers. 

Nutella Ingredients



There are quite a few concerns about how palm oil is cultivated. 

Many palm oil plantations exploit their laborers and use a slash-and-burn methodology to collect the fruits, destroying huge swaths of tropical rain forests.

I think I may just stick to peanut butter on my toast from now on! 

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