This Remote Island Is Over 5k Miles From Civilization And Is Littered With 37-Million Pieces Of Trash

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ocean island pollution

British nature conservation charity RSPB and researcher Dr. Jennifer Lavers from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies recently visited a remote island called ‘Henderson Island’. 

The island sits more than 5,000 miles away from civilization and yet it remains extremely populated…not with people however, but with plastic and trash. 

Dr. Lavers took the video below to show just how polluted our oceans truly are. It is estimated that Henderson Island is home to roughly 37.7 million pieces of plastic and trash….and that is just what has washed up on shore. It is a scary realization that the oceans are filled with billions and billions of more trash. 

Check out the video below…it’s rather disturbing. 

Throw away your trash people…don’t toss it into the ocean!