Guy Travels From England To Netherlands By Sea…In A Zorb Ball

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Youtuber Kill’em recently posted a video of himself spending the night on a lake in a Zorb ball. After that video gained quite a bit of attention, he decided to up the anti and try crossing over to another country…by sea…in a Zorb ball.
If you don’t know what a Zorb ball is…well…this is a Zorb.
ocean zorb sea challenge
You can see Kill’em spending the night in the Zorb HERE
Kill’em wanted to travel from England to France in a Zorb. Thinking it would be a ‘fun’ idea and super awesome video, he gathered supplies such as an oxygen tank and some snacks…and headed for the coast.
Little did he know…travelling by sea in a Zorb ball, wouldn’t be fun at all.
Once he entered the coastal waters of England, he fought his way through the raging tide and was on his way out to sea. Exhausted from the exertion of trying to break through the waves and lack of oxygen, Kill’em new he was in for quite the trip.
After hours of floating in the middle of the ocean, he made landfall. The ride in was rough and crude but he made it! However…he ended up in a totally different country than he original though he would.
Check out the video below, we have started it right where he enters the Zorb and hits the water!