Off Duty Lifeguard Stops Interview To Save Two People Caught In The Ocean’s Riptide

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Vero Beach lifeguard Tim Capra was off duty shooting an interview with Kip Brazie when he noticed two people in distress.

During the interview, Capra pauses and focuses his attention to the ocean waters. After partly answering the reporters question, Capra mumbles ‘they are caught in the rip’ and he springs in to action. 

Running towards the water, Capra grabs his surfboard and paddles out to help the two in distress. After a few minutes, the trio return to the beach and are greeted by family. It was a tense situation for sure!

The people who needed to be rescued were on the beach ‘after hours’, so there wasn’t a lifeguard on duty. They are quite lucky that Capra happened to be on the beach with his family. 

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