Oklahoma’s About To Be The Hotspot For Anyone Looking To Legally Hunt Bigfoot

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This really isn’t a joke. Seriously. This is real.

If one Oklahoma lawmaker gets their wish — hunting Bigfoot in Oklahoma will become a legal activity.

Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey introduced a real-life bill on Wednesday calling for the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission to establish an official bigfoot hunting season, complete with licenses and tags.

Oklahoma’s is infamous for its sasquatch sightings, especially in the southeastern and southern parts of the state, which Humphrey represents. So this guy has a legit leg up on this bill.

There’s even an annual bigfoot festival each October, and Humphrey wants the hunting season to coincide with the festival to maximize tourism. If the bill’s passed into law, it would take effect on Nov. 1 of this year.

So basically what this is saying is — you should start booking your trips to Oklahoma asap and get yourself a squatch!