WTF Is Going On Here? Old Lady Fresh From The Hospital Driving A Moped In Excruciating Pain!

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WTF is going on here?

One couple was waiting in traffic when an older lady came cruising up along side them on a moped, screaming in pain. The woman was wearing a full on medical gown and no helmet (which is very unsafe by the way and surely recommended).

The passenger started filming the woman and asked her what she was doing. The woman explained that they just came from the hospital after having an x-ray done on her injured knee. Her face was also injured and when the moped rebel was asked about what happened, she said ‘I face planted’. The passenger encouraged her to go back to the hospital.

The injured woman stated that she had to get her moped and go tell her father that she face planted.

This is certainly something you don’t every day and although it isn’t really funny…it is when you are watching it.