Old Lady Keeps Giving Nuts To A Man On The Bus…And This Happens

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nut joke2

A man named Wilson was sitting on the bus just reading a book when somebody tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned around and saw an old lady. She asked him, “Sonny, would you like some nuts? I’ve got a couple hazelnuts and almonds if you’d like.”

“Sure,” Wilson replied. Then she gave him a handful of nuts and went back to sit with her friends.

“What a nice lady,” he thought, while happily munching on the nuts.

A few minutes later, Wilson felt another tap on his shoulder and there she was again, offering some nuts. He gladly accepted, and she went back to her seat.

After about 10 minutes, she tapped him on the shoulder, once again offering some nuts.

Confused, Wilson asked her, “Why don’t you eat them yourself?”

“Because we’ve got no teeth,” she replied.

“Then why do you buy them?” he asked.

“Oh, because we just love the chocolate around them.”

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