81-Year-Old Basketball Fan Wows Fans With His ‘Kiss Cam’ Smooch!

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old man kiss cam

One basketball superfan was spotted with his wife on the Brooklyn Nets “Kiss Cam.” Rather than give her a small peck on the cheek, the basketball enthusiast passionately pounced of his wife in front of the entire stadium.

Bruce Reznick, nicknamed “Mr. Whammy,” is known around the Brooklyn Nets court. The 81-year-old has held season tickets for 18 long years and frequently uses his signature seat, right behind the basket so he is able to heckle the other team into missing free throws. He actually upset LeBron James so much during a game, he was asked to move from his seat.

I bet this guy is one fun dude to hang around with!!! One can only hope to be this awesome and spunky at 81 years of age!