State Hopes Porta-Potties Will Help Old Orchard Beach’s Poo Poo Problem

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Old Orchard Beach Public Poop Problem

(Troy R. Bennett | BDN)

There is a ton of shit going down in Old Orchard Beach and town resident’s are not having it.

The lack of bathroom’s in the OOB area have caused beach goers to drop a deuce wherever they can find a quiet spot to do so. In many cases, this is next to a person’s home or business. Deuce droppings have also been found along the beach, sand dunes and even floating in the ocean! Gross!

There are public bathrooms centrally located on West Grand Avenue, but the beach stretches more than three miles in either direction.

One woman reported to the Bangor Daily News that she sees roughly 10 to 15 people dropping bombs outside her home, daily! Yikes! I hope she invested in a good pooper scooper!

Old Orchard Beach Public Poop Problem

Earlier this week, Town Manager Larry Mead urged people to contact local police if they saw anyone relieving themselves outside.

To relieve the issue of pooping in public, the town is dropping off a few portable toilets along the three mile stretch of beach. This should entice poopers to stop dropping bombs all over the beach and utilize the freshly smelling blue huts in order to relieve themselves.