These Old Photos Of Native Americans Bring History To Life

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Photographer Edward S. Curtis was a renowned American Ethnologist who specialized in photographing the American West, as wells as Native American people.

He traveled all across North America for well over two decades. It started in 1906 and he spent much time tracing back the terrain that over 80 Native American tribes traveled through. He wanted to capture and document the indigenous people, and that he certainly did!

The North American Indian is the name given to his series of incredible photos, which are considered absolutely priceless works of art. They are also considered the most incredible visual collections on the subject that the country has to offer.

The following pictures are some of his best works and bring history alive!

Man of the Crow tribe on horseback, in 1908.


Hupa spear fisherman watches for salmon, in 1923.


An Apsaroke shaman, in 1908.


A mother and child of the Crow tribe, in 1908.


A Kutenai duck hunter, in 1910.


Group of men of the Navajo tribe in the Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, in 1904.


Medicine Crow, of the Apsaroke tribe, in 1908.


Two Piegan girls gather the goldenrod plant, in 1910.


Piegan chiefs, in 1900.

In the land of the Sioux

Sioux chiefs, in 1905.


A Hidatsa man with an eagle, in 1908.


Hollow Horn Bear, a Brulé man, in 1907.


A girl of the Jicarrilla Apache people, in 1910.

Jicarilla maiden

A girl of the Wishran tribe, in 1910.


Dancers of the Qagyuhl tribe, in 1914.

A Kwakiutwl wedding party arrives on shore in canoes, in 1914.


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