Should We Bring Back These Slang Terms From The 1910s?

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Every generation has their own laundry list of slang terms that they use and typically generations before and after just don’t understand them.

So those who grew up in the 1910s were no different, they used slang terms just like those before them and after them. However, their slang terms are a tad different then what we know today.

Today, kids say things like ‘drip’, ‘slump’, ‘cringe’, etc., and here are some slang terms used in the 1910s.

1. Annie Oakley

An Annie Oakley was a free ticket to some sort of event. According to the famous sharpshooter herself, the phrase was coined by baseball player Ban Johnson.

“A man was brought to him one day,” she recounted in a 1922 newspaper interview, “who had rented out his baseball pass. Ban Johnson looked at it, filled with neat holes, and suggested that the man had been letting me use it for a target.”

2. Beezer

In 1910 the word ‘beezer’ was used to reference an intelligent person, or a nose.

3. Chucklesome

‘It’s chucklesome that little Timmy slipped and fell in that mud puddle.’ – in other words, it means ‘funny’.

4. Bean Ball

Many people still say this term today. A bean ball in baseball is when a pitcher throws a pitch and it hits the batter in the body. Back then, it meant that you were hit by a ball in the head.

5. Flivver

A flivver was used to describe a cheap car or plane, but more so, it was used to describe some sort of failure.

6. Lunker

Today, a large person or animal may be described using slang as a ‘unit’. Back then, it would be described as a lunker.

7. Peloothered

Basically if you are ‘Peloothered’, you are drunk.