Omarosa Tells Big Brother Housemate ‘We Should Be Worried’ About Trump & White House Administration

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Big Brother

Many of us know Omarosa from her time on Donald Trumps TV show ‘The Apprentice’. Most recently, Omarosa was put in the spot light for her time working directly for President Donald Trump in the White House. Omarosa’s position in the White House ended abruptly not too long ago and she was terminated from the Trump administration.

Yesterday the hit TV show Big Brother came back to television with a 3-week Celebrity Big Brother edition. Low and behold, Omarosa has made her way back into the reality TV spotlight. But it was tonight’s episode that has the US viewers a bit on edge.

Omarosa Big Brother Trump Worried White House

In the episode, Omarosa confides in a housemate Ross Mathews about her time in the White House and working under the Trump administration. During that conversation, she was asked if she would ever vote for Trump again, where she responded – ‘Not in a million years.’.

Mathews then asked Omarosa if ‘we’ – meaning the citizens of the United States should be worried about the Trump administration and what’s going on in the White House. Omarosa replied ‘Yes’, we should be worried.

Mathews then told Omarosa that he just wants to her say that ‘we’ will all be ok. Omarosa responded ‘No it’s not going to be okay, it’s not.’.

Omarosa is surely known for her drama and intense attitude, however she did seem rather sincere here. Either way, Big Brother just tattled on Big Brother.