On What Holidays Are 3D Crystals Given

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3D Laser Gifts

Photographs tell tales of the past and are an excellent way to commemorate fond memories. They also make great gifts for your loved ones on special occasions. However, 2D photos could curl over time, fade, or get torn, leading to the loss of your precious keepsake. 3D photo crystals are an excellent alternative as they are durable, capture your essence in an outstanding amount of realism, and are customizable to your personal preferences. We guarantee your friend or family member will adore a mounted 3D photo crystal that encapsulates their favorite photo and will be eager to present it on their front desk or bookshelf. Here is a list of holidays you could gift your loved ones with a 3D crystal.

Mother’s day

A mother is a child’s first love, and their bond starts to develop before birth. What better way to show love to your mother than to give them a custom-made 3D crystal of their favorite photograph. You could go the extra mile and add a hand-written note or a Mother’s day card to go with your 3D crystal.

Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love where couples globally give gifts to symbolize their affection for one another. However, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be limited to romantic relationships as you could take the opportunity to show your family members and best friends you care about them deeply and enjoy having them around. Since Valentine’s is all about love, you could order the heart-shaped 3D crystal and top it up with a fresh bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates for that extra oomph.


Birthdays come around only once a year. Therefore, it would be wise to make the most of this auspicious day, especially if your loved one is celebrating a milestone birthday such as their 18th, 21st, or 30th birthday. You could convert a high-resolution photograph of your loved one into a stunning 3D crystal from the Artpix 3D company to display on their bookshelf or on their office desk. You could also celebrate the company birthday by creating customized 3D crystals of the logo.


It takes a lot of commitment and understanding to sustain a relationship. Every year you spend with your significant other is a reason to celebrate. Anniversaries are excellent occasions to give your spouse or partner a customized 3D crystal of a photo you took together or a core memory you share.


Moving from one house to another can be pretty tedious and time-consuming. Relocating to a new area could also place a massive dent in your pockets. You could gift your friend a customizable 3D crystal to display in their new home and remind them of your friendship and your never-ending support.

Wrap up

People from all walks of life give gifts to show their love, support, and appreciation. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to gift your friends or family. 3D crystals come in various shapes and colors, meaning you are spoilt for choice when choosing a gift for your loved one. You could also opt for multiple add-ons such as LED lights and a cleaning kit to give your crystal some oomph and enhance your user experience.