This Easy To Make ‘Wood Rocket Stove’ Is A Must Try This Camping Season!

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This is such a fun DIY experiment for your next camping trip. All you need is a drill, 1″ bit and length of firewood. 🙂

The video below does a good job of explaining the process, but to summarize:

  • Cut a 14″ piece of firewood.
  • Drill down into firewood with a 1″ drill bit.
  • Drill an intersecting hole in the middle of the firewood.
  • Place small rocks on top of log (or pound in nails) to hold a pot above the hole.
  • Ignite!

It’s that easy! The entire process is really cool. The log will burn itself from the inside out and create all the heat you need to cook a nice, hot meal! Check it out in action below!

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