Man With A Lamborghini Picked Up A Homeless Man And Forever Changed His Life

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Chris Collins shared a video on his Youtube channel The Exotic Revolution back in October that would act as the catalyst to changing one man’s life forever. 

On October 17th, Collins uploaded a video of himself, pulling over his Lamborghini and picking up a homeless man named ‘Alex’. 

The two talked, Collins gave him some money and food and the pair went their separate ways. The video got roughly a half of a million views, and thousands of comments. Most comments were positive, but it was the negative comments that fueled Collins to change Alex’s life forever. 

Many of the negative comments made on the video were towards Collins himself. Stating that he was simply helping a homeless man for one day to flaunt his wealth and gain notoriety. Many said he ‘rented’ the sports car and set the entire video up just to make some money on Youtube.

Well, the comments were ridiculous and Collins certainly proved the haters wrong in his latest video.

The video below is the second half of Collins and Alex’s incredible journey together. The video starts by Collin’s showing that with a half of a million views on the first video, he roughly made $430. Thus proving he didn’t pick up Alex for the money. Collin’s owns the car and to help Alex out even further, he set a budget of $10,000 to change Alex’s life forever.

Collin’s picked up Alex again, bought him clothes, got him a haircut and a hotel room to stay in. The kicker and true life changer though, was Collin’s set up a very good job interview for Alex.

Collin’s picked Alex up for the interview and brought him to it. Alex did not get the job. Alex did however, not take no for answer and got a second interview for the same job. Within 15-minutes of having the second interview, Alex got the job. His life, forever changed.

Check out the video below. It is a true story of one human helping another, for no other reason other than to help a fellow man.


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