One Woman’s Tattoo May Imply She Is ‘Just Fine’ But It Really Says So Much More

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save me1

The picture that 20 year old Bekah Miles posted of her tattoo has sparked a powerful ongoing conversation about depression.

The tattoo reads “I’m Fine”/”Save Me” – depending on the angle that you look at it from (this type of design is called an “ambigram”).

Not only does it have a personal meaning for her, but it speaks to all of us about depression and inner struggles.

She says: 

When everyone else sees this tattoo, they’ll see “I’m fine.” but from my angle it reads “save me.” To me, it means that no matter how happy someone may appear, they could be struggling.

Comments, likes and reposts have been pouring in for Bekah:

It’s been very overwhelming, but overwhelming in a good way. These are real people with real struggles and we’re just brushing it under the rug. And that’s the real problem. You’re not alone. We’re not alone. I mean clearly – there’s at least 300,000 shares of the post. Clearly we’re not alone.

Such a powerful tattoo with an incredibly powerful meaning.


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