20 Of The Funniest Online Shopping Fails

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Online shopping can be hit or miss…sometimes you get exactly what you ordered and you are completely stoked! Other times, you get something either completely opposite, or not even close to what was advertised.

I had to stop purchasing clothing online because sending back merchandise started to become a daily ritual in my home.

Below, we compiled a few of the best online shopping fails the internet has to offer.

1. Thousands of Kylie Jenner makeup sets were shipped empty. 

2. The case of the tiny pot

3. This man ordered a OnePlus One phone from Amazon, but there was no phone in the box. (Photo)

4. They must have forgot to pack the stuffing! 

5. Close enough!

6. Not sure if this classifies as false advertising. 

7. This guy bought a two person tent for an upcoming festival…thinking it was for adults. This is what came…and he still took it to the festival. 

8. Nice table top rug…maybe…

9. Quality control fail!

10. Ouch! 

11. At least it fit the cat!

12. It’s the thought that counts! 

13. Who is this tall?

14. Reality hits hard!

15. Hope she ordered a mini TV too!

16. Grosssss! But it did make me laugh!

17. Must be a tiny garden.

18. Online shopping rule number one : Never buy clothing online from China.

19. Not even close!

20. Those eyes!