This Optical Illusion Where Colors Disappear When You Stare At Them Is Boggling Minds

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Take a look at the image below and make sure to take a mental snapshot because in just a few seconds it will be gone! It’s a pretty optical illusion!

Stare at the center of this image. For the first few seconds you’ll feel kind of dumb, and then about 5 to 15 seconds the colors should simply… disappear. It’s crazy:

optical illusion disappearing colors

This works because of a principle called Troxler Fading. Troxler Fading makes shapes and colors in the periphery of your vision change and fade over time.

Troxler Fading is also the cause for this well-known illusion below. Stare at the center and notice as the gap among the pink circles turns green and eventually appears to “erase” the pink circles completely.