Optical Illusions That Will Have Your Brain Screaming For Help!

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Optical illusions are just plain fun to look at! They mess with your brain a bit and provide a bit of exercise for your mind.

Some of the images below will definitely take your brain a few minutes to actually process what is going on, but that’s half the fun!

1. The flying carpet!

optical illusion pictures

2. Tiny cat!

3. That’s not a snow covered mountain!

4. This is a woman.

5. Sexy DS!

6. Whoaaaa! (horse talk)

7. He’s actually hugging a pillow at the airport.

8. Flour anyone?

9. Siamese Pups!

10. Ouch! That looks painful!

11. This kid is straight out of Stranger Things!

12. The sniffing stomach!

13. Perfection!

14. A mythical creature of sorts…

15. Whoa…hands to yourself!

All images via Reddit