Order Your Texas Birth Certificate Online

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Birth certificates are important documents that each individual needs to have. At the very least, has an easy access to requesting for a copy.

To be honest, requesting for a copy of any government provided document is very difficult. It takes a long time, that includes when you order your Texas birth certificate online and being able to do it through the internet is a huge plus.

However, it does not take away the fact that this is still made by human, and supplemented by machines, and man is always prone to errors, and one way or another, there will be mistakes made. The question is, is it possible to change these once there are mistakes?

Yes. It is possible, and here is how. Keep in mind that it depends on what kind of error it is.


This error depends on what the age is.

If it is a child, most states would give the parents some time to change the name of their newborn child for whatever reason. Normally, there is a 12-month grace period. If they do want to do so, a court order is not necessary.

It would be different if the individual in question is already an older child or an adult. Other than being married, an individual should not change their name for whatever reason. However, if adamant, a court order needs to be acquired prior to changing the name. In addition, additional documents may be asked.



As mentioned earlier, these birth certificates are made by man. Man’s nature is to commit mistakes making these items prone to errors.

If any errors are made on your birth certificate, changes can be made quite easily. Proof will be needed however to make the changes necessary. However, what they will require will vary from one situation to the next. So, be sure to be prepared.



This is another correction that requires intervention from legal authorities, and just like when you change your name, it will require a court order. If you are willing to go through that, as a parent, you need to have the necessary proof that would prove you are the parent and that the birth certificate is reflecting the wrong names.

If the process to tedious for you, we suggest you find a lawyer who is adept in these kinds of matters. It will make your time in the courthouse easier.

For whatever reason, birth certificates can reflect mistakes. Although in recent years, this has been made sure by the government not to happen. At the end of the day, man is man, and man is prone to making mistakes. It is not hard to make these corrections as long as you have the necessary proof that shows what reflects on your certificate is actually an error, and this does not matter, for example, if made the request to order your Texas birth certificate online.

Errors should be corrected, and it should never hold you hostage.