Ordinary People Who Became The Most Famous YouTubers

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Thanks to social media’s power, we have examples of hundreds of people who gained name and fame overnight. YouTube is one such platform that is capable of changing your life in a blink. Being the second largest search engine, it is home to millions of talented content creators who could be our next-door neighbors. With few viral content, some of these lesser-known personalities made it to the top, amazing everyone around them and leaving behind their success stories for aspirants.

We all have dreamt of becoming famous at some point in our lives but never tried enough for it. This post will reveal the background stories of our most famous YouTubers who were just nobody until they stepped on the stairs of fandom.

The Most Popular YouTubers



Any list of the most popular YouTubers is incomplete without the inclusion of Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie. Felix, from a very early age, was confident that his career lay in the art domain and was passionate about video games. To pursue his YouTube calling, he left Chalmers University and started a channel in 2010.

Initially focusing on comedic commentaries on horror video games, Pewdiepie has delivered variable content throughout the years. His channel topped the list of most subscribed YouTube channels from 2013 to 2015 making him the biggest YouTuber.

Felix got into controversies many times due to his language and spontaneous commentary, but this never stopped his fans from appreciating his quality work. The best part, Pewdiepie valued his admirer’s opinions and responded wisely to their concerns in various events.


Smosh Duo

Smosh is a sketch comedy channel established by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, which is operational since 2015. Coming in the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels, Smosh has gained 25 million+ subscribers in just five years.

The duo was active in the pre-youtube era and delivered creative content via their site- smosh.com. In the beginning, Smosh contained a variety of music videos, but after its partnership with YouTube, their content pool incorporated diverse subjects. Currently, Smosh is functional under Mythical Entertainments. One of its founding members, Padilla, exited the channel to pursue his solo content creation career, which gave rise to the inclusion of a newer cast and crew in the team.


Jenna Marbles

With 15 million+ subscribers, Jenna Mourey is one of the leading solo YouTube celebrities. She is a vlogger-content creator and the first YouTube personality whose wax statue is installed in Madame Tussauds Museum.

The first video released by Jenna, back in 2010, received five million+ views, and the star never looked back since then. Before becoming one of the top YouTube stars, she did all kinds of jobs, including bartending, go-go dancing, and working at a salon based in Massachusetts. Mourey recently got meddled in controversy for blackface and offensive comments, to which she apologized and declared an indefinite break from YouTube.


Dude Perfect

Started in 2009, Dude Perfect, a group of five friends and college roommates, got introduced to YouTube and amassed vast viewership with the first video itself. The channel comes second in the ranking of most subscribed sports channels on YouTube.

About the content, Dude Perfect’s videos consist of trick shots, stunts, challenges, and battles along with the team members. The group has received numerous endorsements over the years and got a chance to appear on “Fantasy Factory” by Rob Dyrdek. Owing to the popularity on YouTube, they released a TV series in 2016, followed by a partnership with YouTube Originals for the broadcast of a documentary named “Backstage pass” in 2020.


FunToys Collector

This channel is the most unique one on our list. FunToys collector has made it to the top YouTube channels with a mysterious anchor and a pair of anonymous hands unboxing different toys and playing with them.

The channel is the perfect example of how SEO tactics are used to make unanticipated profits on digital and social media platforms. If you are new to YouTube, an in-depth study of the strategy used by FunToys collector can help you understand content optimization. Anyway, who knew that a pair of unrecognizable hands, dismantling and assembling toys would acquire a viewership of millions. It’s only possible through YouTube!


Rhett And Link

The comedic duo started their YouTube venture in 2006 after quitting their jobs as engineers. During the initial phase, their content revolved around sketches, individual songs, and short series. The enormous content demand resulted in the formation of a second successful channel that hosted more vlog-style shows.

The pair puts lots of effort into making their videos, which come out as family-friendly content. The video quality is good enough to get a broadcast on a commercial television platform, and the duo has pocketed large sums of money in recent years.



The young Hawaiian YouTuber started his career in 2006 with sketch comedies and podcasts. The preliminary phase typically included video series of “how to be,” which gained significant popularity among viewers. Nigahiga started his YouTube endeavor in high school and moved to University in Nevada, where he established Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC) with a few friends.

The fandom has brought various nominations to the YouTube star, and he was included in the list of most influential young stars by Forbes. Presently the channel is running various parody, spoofs, Q&A, and rant series, which keeps the dedicated viewers count intact.


Karina Garcia

The American YouTuber started her channel in 2012 but commenced regular posting only after 2015. Karina is also very active on other social media platforms like Instagram and doesn’t fail to amaze her fans with amazing pictures. The 26-year-old YouTube star’s content consists of everything expected from a beauty vlogger- hauls, DIY’s, make-up tutorials, and lifestyle videos. But fascinating videos by Karina are the ones with Slimes.

Karina is referred to as the “slime queen” of the internet as her content comprises more than 200 videos about slimes and its variations. She transformed the ordinary craft of slime making into an art. Working as a waitress previously, Karina admitted on CNBC Make It that she never expected the kind of success she currently possesses, and it often surprises her as well.



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YouTube is a boon for all you talented folks. Why wait for an opportunity when you can create one yourself? Always remember – hard work and consistency is the key. Quality content will get noticed sooner or later. Have patience and strive for betterment. I hope the individuals mentioned above have inspired you to make the right choice, and you soon start working towards the desired path of success.