Oscar Academy Nominates All White Actors For Second Year In A Row

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Last year’s Oscar nominations drew howls of protests for their lack of diversity. This year, it’s even worse.

How is this even possible? With the movie industry being flooded with an incredible amount of uber talented black actors, how is it that not a single one is nominated for an Oscar?

Gil Roberston, president of the African-American Film Critics Association, told Variety that he was “shocked but not entirely surprised” over the lack of diversity in nominations Thursday.
“I think there’s an ongoing disconnect with the Academy members,” he said. “We have to re-double our efforts to convince them that diversity is important and that they should be open to the stories of other people.”

The movie ‘Straight Out Of Compton’ had huge success in the box office and was highly acclaimed by critics, yet the only nominations the movie received, was for the screenplay…ironically written by two white individuals.

If you would like to read about which movies were and were not nominated, you can do so here.

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