Outraged Hiker Shames Family Of Park Vandals on Facebook, Do You Know These People?

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While hiking at Tumalo Falls Park in Oregon’s Deschutes National Forest, Brett Nelson came across something that caught him off guard.


A hiker in Oregon confronted a dad he says was letting his son carve into a rail but was shocked by the response he received. After taking his frustration out on Facebook and the Forest Service has launched an investigation.

As Nelson neared a family of three, he seemingly thought they were just stopped near an overlook railing to take in the beautiful scenery that the park as to offer. This was not the case however. Nelson realized that the family of three, a father, a teenage daughter and a young son were actually carving their names into the railing.

Nelson, knowing that this is clearly vandalism, asked the family to stop. Nelson’s request was not  received well and he was given an attitude by both children. Nelson then asked the father “How can you condone this?”. The father didn’t appear to have a care in the world and allowed his children to continue to vandalizing the railing.

The National Forestry Service has launched an investigation and if these folks are found they face a fine up to $5000 and six months in jail.

Nelson asked the family if he could take a picture of them and they agreed. When Nelson went home, he added the picture to Facebook along with a lengthy message, shaming the family of vandal hikers.

Here is the rant that Nelson posted below the Facebook picture.
Unbelieveable spontaneous hike “SPOILED” By most unvelievable Douche’-Bag parenting I have everencountered. PROUD parent letting children carve names in a Tumalo Falls hand railing. Asking, boy on the left are you seriously going to carve your name in that rail…Yup. Turning to Douchebag Dad, I stated you know you are letting your kids deface federal public land? How is this ok??? Daughter says Umm, we can do what we or I want. I asked Dad give me your license plate number so I can carve my name in the hood of your car. He says go for it its a rental car. Then asking where are you from…California. Then I stated you need to go back to California, Oregonians take huge pride in our land in our public land parks and you are not welcome SHAME ON YOU!!! Taking a picture of the proud Douche-Bag artists and their proud work!!! Pleaseshare I hope he finds himself on channel 6 NEWS! Enjoy your vacation…ya JACKWAGON I am still appauled. Please share!!! Proud Dad and kids post as they carve names in hand rail at Tumalo Falls.



Source : Youtube