Home Owner Delivers Loud Reminder To Package Thief. ‘Leave My Packages Alone.’

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package thief security camera explosion

Package theft has increased significantly over the years and it always peaks during the Christmas season as millions of packages are being delivered all over the world.

Thieves will often times drive around a town and scope out packages left on homeowners doorsteps and porches. To the thieves, this is an easy score. Unless of course the homes they are approaching are equipped with security cameras…or better yet…explosives.

Home owners have had enough of the thievery and have started taking matters in to their own hands. We have shared videos of homeowners rigging packages with a 12-gauge blank, explosive poop and in one instance, a nanny came right out and attacked a female thief.

In the video below, you will see the latest attempts at warding of package thieves. Here is what the creator of the video had to say about it:

“Package theft has become an epidemic, and I was tired of watching my packages being stolen. I made a safe and effective device to deliver a loud reminder to leave my packages alone. Hopefully it will make them pick up a different line of work.”