Paralyzed College Student Walks To Accept Diploma During Emotional Graduation Ceremony

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Six years ago, Chris Norton suffered a spinal cord injury in a football game. He was paralyzed from the neck down. At that moment he was forced to make the choice to either give up and let his life be determined by his circumstances or fight and create something positive out of his circumstances!

Chris believed that he could turn that tragedy into an opportunity to do more, to be better, to inspire others and be stronger. He started motivational speaking, he started a non-profit to help others with disabilities and he created some incredible opportunities.

During this time, Chris also met the love of his life, Emily, 3 years after his injury. She is the one in the video, helping him walk in order for him to accept his diploma.

The video has since gone viral and gained over 80 million views in just one day…and for good reason.

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