Part II | Watch Women Get ‘High’ After Their Tinder Date Offers Them ‘Fake’ Marijuana

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Ryan from HammyTV is at it again and this time makes us feel even more awkward as we watch unsuspecting women think they are getting stoned when they are in fact not getting stone at all. This is part II of a new series Ryan has started. Wait until you see what happens when a pregnant woman shows up for the date…yikes!

A few weeks ago Ryan put himself on the popular dating app Tinder looking for women who would like to go on a date and ‘get high’ with him. These dates are far from the popular ‘Netflix and Chill’ date.

Many people are turning to vaporizers in order to smoke marijuana now a days and Ryan figured this was the perfect opportunity for a social experiment.

Ryan purchased a bottle vape juice which he would use to smoke while on the date. The juice had zero nicotine in it and did not have any trace of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana which makes one ‘high’. Therefore, there was ZERO way any of the women who smoked with him would ‘get high’ or even feel a little buzz.

That was part one….and below is part II!