VIDEO | Arizona State Lawmaker Brags To Police Officer About Driving 140mph ‘Because He Can’

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Paul Mosley Arizona driving fast

(La Paz County Sheriff’s Office via KLPZ/ParkerLiveOnline)

An Arizona state lawmaker was pulled over for driving 97-mph on his way home from work.

A law enforcement body cam video posted this week shows state Rep. Paul Mosley after he was stopped March 27 outside Parker, Ariz., a rural area near the California border.

“I don’t break the law because I can, but because, you know, I’m just trying to get home,” Mosley says in the video, which was obtained by Parker radio station KLPZ 1380AM and published on its website¬†

Mosley then went on to have a casual, yet strange conversation with the police officer, letting the officer know that before he had been pulled over, he was driving 120 miles per hour.

The officer wasn’t too impressed with Mosley, however Mosley kept on bragging about his car and how often drives up to 140 miles per hour, because he can and because his car is able to go that fast.

The officer stated he didn’t want to lecture Mosley, but he did inform him that going that fast is incredibly dangerous – despite Mosley stating that is was ‘safe’.