Anonymous Person Pays For Vandalism In Biddeford…40-Years Later

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City Of Biddeford

An unknown person has sent apology letter to the mayor of Biddeford for damage they caused 40-years ago. 

Mayor Alan Casavant received a letter, along with a $550 money order, signed anonymous. The letter stated that they were paying for smashing a door and window at the police department during the 1970’s. The person also mentioned denting a police cruiser and pulling multiple fire alarms. 

The letter reads :

Hello Mr. Mayor, 

I am paying back for damages inflicted in your city in the mid to late 1970’s. I shattered the police station door when they were located at city hall. I also broke the window to the right of the door. Also put a dent in the cruiser. 

As for the fire dept. I pulled some fire call boxes same time frame. 

The money and letter were sent to the cities financial office for processing. 

City Of Biddeford


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