‘Peeping Linda’ The Hamster Chews Through Wall And Sneaks Into Neighbor’s Bedroom

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Hamster are usually pretty chill pets…but the hamster we will discuss in this article – is a tad mischievous and a little bit of a perv to be honest.

The hamster’s name is Linda…and she worked tirelessly in order to chew through the wall of her apartment in order to sneak into the bedroom of the neighbor.

Kenna Buchanan was sitting in her bedroom when she heard a noise coming from within one of her bedroom walls. She picked up her phone and started recording and that’s when she spotted ‘Peeping Linda’ busting through the wall of her bedroom.

@kennabuchanan3Entertaining night, the time my neighbors hamster chewed through our wall into my apartment!

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The video has gone quite viral on TikTok, racking up nearly 7M views.

Luckily, Kenna was able to wrangle Linda up by offering her tortilla chips! Linda was returned to her owner, safe and sound!

Creepy or Cute?

I think I would personally have a hard time sleeping after that situation…never knowing if Linda is watching you or sneaking around in the middle of the night! Yikes!